HackerOne Brand Ambassadors
Quote:HackerOne brand ambassadors are leaders. You get hackers together to hack, learn and earn as a group. The Brand Ambassador program is HackerOne’s newest program built to empower you to empower the community.

Being a HackerOne ambassador gives you the opportunity to get hackers together in your city. To share knowledge, learn together, hack together, serve your community together. As a Hacker Brand Ambassador, you will be an extension of the HackerOne community team helping to answer questions on hacking or the platform, sharing tips and tricks on education and resources while building up or expanding your leadership skills. In addition to this resume booster, you’ll get to expand your network of hackers in your local area. The responsibility is  great as you will be the owner of a hacking chapter in your city.

Details: https://h1.community/become-an-ambassador/
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