[rsnog] Stručna konferencija NEXTHOP by Yandex
Quote:On April 13, Yandex is organizing the first nexthop → Belgrade, a network technologies meetup in Serbia. We'll be welcoming network engineers and anyone else interested in what's happening in the world of network technologies.

Belgrade is a spin-off of our big annual Moscow conference nexthop, which has been hosting speakers from Facebook, Netflix, Dropbox, Cisco, Google, NVIDIA, China Telecom, and Yandex for the past five years.

At the meetup, we'll talk about how the Yandex network works, look at the direction we're taking, and have fun with guests at a round table dedicated to BGP Security.

The meetup is free, but seating is limited. If you'd like to participate, register and make sure you get an invitation. You're welcome to bring a friend or colleague, though you need to register everyone who's coming.

Link: https://events.yandex.ru/events/nexthopbelgrade/
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