Pro-Russia hackers targeted Kosovo’s government websites
Pro-Russia hackers targeted government websites in Kosovo in retaliation for the government’s support to Ukraine with military equipment.

Quote:Pro-Russia hackers targeted Kosovo government websites, including the websites of the president and prime minister, with DDoS attacks. The attacks are a retaliation for Kosovo’s support of Ukraine with military equipment. Defense Minister Ejup Maqedonci claimed that Russian hackers launched a cyberattack against Kosovo in retaliation for his statement supporting Ukraine at the Defence 24 conference in Poland.
The attacks caused temporary disruption, however, the government’s Information Society Agency restored the websites. The attack is part of a hybrid war aimed at destabilizing Kosovo’s security, stability, and welfare institutions, Prime Minister Albin Kurti told local media.
“We were informed by the relevant institutions that some government websites have been the target of DDoS attacks. For a short time the websites were not functioning,” a Government spokesperson told Balkan Insight.

Balkan Insight: Russian Hackers Accused of Cyberattacks on Kosovo Government Websites

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