CVE-2024-20356: Jailbreaking a Cisco appliance to run DOOM
Quote:The Cisco C195 is a Cisco Email Security Appliance device. Its role is to act as an SMTP gateway on your network perimeter. This device (and the full range of appliance devices) is heavily locked down and prevents unauthorised code from running.

Quote:I recently took one of these apart in order to repurpose it as a general server. After reading online about the device, a number of people mentioned that it is impossible to bypass secure boot in order to run other operating systems, as this is prevented by design for security reasons.

In this adventure, the Cisco C195 device family was jailbroken in order to run unintended code. This includes the discovery of a vulnerability in the CIMC body management controller which affects a range of different devices, whereby an authenticated high privilege user can obtain underlying root access to the server’s BMC (CVE-2024-20356) which in itself has high-level access to various other components in the system.

app="CISCO-IMC" && country="RS"

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